POMEGRANATE ORCHARD by Ilgar Najaf -synopsis


Gabil returns home to the humble family farmstead, surrounded by an orchard of venerable pomegranate trees; since his sudden departure twelve years ago he was never once in contact. However, the deep emotional scars he left behind cannot be erased from one day to the next. A private drama set in a picturesque landscape which tells of wrongdoings simmering below the surface of seeming innocence.

international title: Pomegranate Orchard
original title: Nar baği
country: Azerbaijan
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Ilgar Najaf
film run: 90′
screenplay: Asif Rustamov, Ilgar Najaf, Roelof Yan
cast: Ilahe Hasanova, Semimi Farhad, Gurban Ismayilov, Hesen Aghayev
cinematography by: Ayhan Salar
film editing: Elmir Hasanov
music: Firuddin Allahverdi
producer: Mushfug Hatamov, Ilgar Najaf
production: Azerbaijanfilm (AZ), Buta Film (AZ)