Pomegranate Orchard, Ilgar Najaf

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Pomegranate Orchard

Ilgar Najaf
Azerbaijan, 2017, 90 Min

Old wounds are reopened when a farmer’s son unexpectedly returns to the pomegranate orchard. He deserted his wife and child twelve years ago, leaving them behind in Azerbaijan and disappearing without a trace. Over the years his father has taken care of daughter-in-law and grandson; now his long-lost son wants to take them both to Moscow.

Buta Film

Shamil has always made a living from his pomegranates. Now however he struggles to make a living, with only his daughter-in-law Sara and grandson Jalal for company: his wife has passed away and his beloved first son died in a car accident, whilst second son Gabil fled village life years ago. A neighbor offers to buy the orchard only to be met with resistance from the old man. At this point the long-lost son makes an unexpected reappearance and reveals that he has returned to take his family to Moscow, where a better life awaits. Shamil experiences a change of heart and resolves to sell the family plot after all with the intention of providing his grandson with future savings. Gabil hasn’t been completely honest however; his life in Moscow is full of troubles.

Inspired by Anton Chekov’s comedy “The Cherry Orchard”, Ilgar Najaf has created an atmospherically dense yet calm familial drama that deals with emigration, homeland, the promise of a better future and the consequences of economic compulsion. WMH

DCP | Farbe / colour
Asif Rustamov, Ilgar Najaf, Roelof Yan Minneboo
Ayhan Salar
Teymur Kerimov, Stephan Konken, Peter Rösner
Elmir Hasanov
Rafig Nasirov
Firuddin Allahverdi
Gurban Ismayilov, Samimi Farhad, Ilaha Hasanova
Mushfiq Hatamov
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