Filmek – Buta




Director: Ilgar Najaf
98 min. 2011, Colour,
with dialogue, Azerbaijan, English subtitled
Distributor: Asif Rustamov
Producer: Ilgar Najaf & Khamis Muradov
Screenplay: Ilgar Najaf
Cinematographer: Georgi Beridze
Music: Javanshir Guliyev
Editor: Gulshen Salimova
Tofig Aliyev, Rafig Azimov


BUTA is a tale-myth about a great love. The main characters of the movie are children who are in the very beginning point of their life. The main character, boy called Buta is luckier than others because he has got a wise adviser (tutor) who sells a liquid soap. This man helps boy in every step of his way. The wise man dreams to restore an old mill, whereas Buta wishes for different thing – he wants to create a big pattern on the top of the mountain by using stones as all who flies high – birds and people in the planes – would be able to watch and admire it. But he is surrounded by envious village boys who prevent him. Buta, who has wisdom too young to have, reveals their miserable nature that gets them irritated very much. They have confrontations every now and then. A representative of the soap making company comes to the village to promote his product. After he falls in love with a local girl, called Gyoncha. Gyoncha needs to finish her work – to weave a carpet of her life and then to get married to him. Multiple of storylines crossing each other are coming to an end at the same time – the carpet is woven, the pattern is created and an old miller falls into an eternal sleep after restoring his mill finally. His soul flies high over the village watching all that is happening there.

Major screenings, presentations:
Houston World Fest (Platinum Remi), Palm Springs, Montreal Childrens, Toronto Childrens, Asia Pasific Screen Award (Best Children’s film), Cape Winlands (Grand Prix), Cairo Childrens, GOA, AleKino, Zlin, Gimli, Isfahan (Best Asian Film) etc.
Ilgar Najaf


He was born in March 2nd, 1975 in Ararat region of Armenian Republic (USSR).
After ethnic conflict in 1988 (when we has 13) he and his family was forcibly expelled from Armenia and became refugees.
In 1993 he entered the Azerbaijan State University of Arts, film director’s faculty.
In 2000 he shot documentary film (22 minutes) “Shacks without shades”. The film awarded the Prize of the Baku Youth Festival.
In 2001 he shot a number of television films.
In 2002 he shot the documentary film “There exists an old man”.
In 2004 he directed the short film “Musicians” which participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus.
In 2004 he established the film studio “Buta Film” where produced the number of documentary and short film as a producer as well as director.
In 2009 he directed his first short fiction film “Theatrical Life” (Silver Remi Award at Houston WFF)
“Buta” – his first feature film.

Buta Film